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ADHD Resources

These websites and resources provide additional information on ADHD:

  1. Dr. Russell Barkley, ADHD expert: See also, Russell Barkley on YouTube

  2. Book: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD. Russell Barkley, 2010. (available for purchase on

  3. ADHD Institute: Neurobiology of ADHD (What happens in the brain of an ADHDer)

  4. Dr. Ed Hallowell, ADHD expert and maker of CrazyBusy organization App:

  5. Mindfulness and ADHD:

  6. CHADD: Children and Adults with ADHD—A National Resource on ADHD:

  7. ADDitude: Free resources, webinars, and articles:

  8. Attention Deficit Disorder Association:

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