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Hello and welcome! I'm a Professional Certified Coach and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist. I've spent the last 20+ years focused on bringing the best out of people in their careers and in their personal lives. I've assisted my clients to succeed across a variety of organizations and industries, where I've delivered complex, award-winning programs in coaching and mentoring, leadership and employee development, training, and change management.

As  a professional coach with more than 400 hours of formal coach training and over 800 hours of direct experience in coaching a wide variety of clients, there is no hiding my passion for helping others to construct the life they want to live!


For career and leadership coaching, I have served numerous established leaders, executives, professionals, and young adults transitioning from college and beginning their careers.


My personal story as a mother and wife led me to be a passionate advocate for those with ADHD, and I completed specialized training and extensive education in Executive Function (EF) and ADHD coaching. I am also a recognized speaker for EF/ADHD professionals and coaches, professionals, parents, and teachers. For EF/ADHD coaching, I routinely work with professionals, young adults, teens, parents of children and teens with EF struggles or ADHD, and spouses/partners of adults with EF difficulties and ADHD.

Most importantly, I deeply care for my clients and for their goals and successes. I approach all of my coaching relationships with a kind heart, with a sense of humor, and with a strengths-based approach focused on positive psychology and an appreciation for the unique gifts we all bring to this world.

Where do I coach?

For clients who are local to the Northern Virginia area, you have the option of meeting for our coaching sessions in person at my office in Reston, VA or at another mutually acceptable location, or meeting "virtually" over the phone or via a video chat mechanism (like Facetime, Skype, or Google Hangouts). If you have a busy schedule, meeting "virtually" can help you avoid spending time commuting in the snarled traffic of the Washington, DC area.


For clients who are not local to the Northern Virginia area, you can choose to hold your coaching sessions over the phone or via video chat. Coaching works very well via these virtual mechanisms from anywhere in the world, so it allows for us to work together effectively regardless of your home or work locations.

My Coaching Specialties

My ​Education and Professional Certifications

~ Master of Arts, Industrial/Organizational Psychology ~

~ Master of Public Health - Graduate Certificate ~

~ Bachelor of Science, Biology ~

~ Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) ~

~ Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (The Coaches Training Institute) ~

~ Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute) ~

~ Senior Professional in Human Resources (Human Resources Certification Institute) ~

~ Society for Human Resource Management - Senior Certified Professional ~

My Authoring, Speaking, Presenting & Honorary Roles

~ Succeeding with Adult ADHD: Overcoming Procrastination & More (CHADD - Children and Adults with ADHD) ~

~ Overcoming Procrastination (and More): Lessons from ADHD Coaching (Capital Coaches Conference) ~

~ ADHD at Work: Growing the Leader in Everyone (ADHD Coaches & Professionals Conference) ~

~ ADHD in our Kids: A Focus on School (Mt. Pleasant Christian Academy) ~

~ ADHD in Adults: Handling Tasks, Social Impacts, and Emotional Outcomes (Federal Government) ~

~ ADHD in Kids and Teens: Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, and Inattention (Federal Government) ~

~ Learning How to Overcome Procrastination from an ADHD Coach (The HR Coaching and Career Institute) ~

~ The Role of Leaders in Successful Organizational Transformations (George Mason University) ~

~ Coaching Fundamentals (MentorHR: the NOVA SHRM Leadership Development & Mentoring Program) ~

~ Peer Coaching & Powerful Questions (MentorHR: NOVA SHRM LD&M Program) ~

~ Leveraging Your Values for Decision Making (MentorHR: NOVA SHRM LD&M Program) ~

~ Leadership Development Strategic Advisor & Coach (MentorHR: NOVA SHRM LD&M Program) ~

~ Workforce Wisdom: Tying Training to Transformation (Training Officers Consortium) ~

My Coach-Specific Training

- Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) -

- Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (The Coaches Training Institute) -

- Positive Psychology and Advanced ADHD Coaching Master Class (MentorCoach) -

- Positive Psychology and Advanced ADHD Coaching: Adults (MentorCoach) -

- Coaching Teens and College Students with ADHD Intensive Course (JST Coaching) -

- Facilitating Group Coaching (Action Learning Source) -

- Masterful Coaching (Deb St. John and Steve Heller) -

- The Art of Coaching Resistance (Troy Yorke) -

- Master Coaching Workshop: Manifestation - From Possibilities to Action (Teri-E Belf) -

- Power of Naming, Honoring Your Dark, Dangerous and Beautiful Nature (Melanie DewBerry) -

- The Wall of Awful: ADHD's Emotional Impact (Brendan Mahan) -

- Reframing Your Time and Energy (Tamara Rosier) -

- Produce Results that Matter: Achieve Sustainable High Productivity (Casey Moore) -

- Essentials for Successful Group Coaching (Sandy Maynard) -

- Bringing Coaching, ADHD & Mindfulness Together (Liz Ahmann & Casey Dixon) -

- Articulating ADHD (Cameron Gott) -

- Anxiety and ADHD - A Coach Approach (Herve LeBoeuf III) -

- A Rock to Stand On: The Evidence Base for ADHD Coaching (Wright, Ahmann & Tuttle) -

- A Movement Toward the Mainstream - An ADHD Coaching Crusade (Lee Rozycki & Jo Ann Skinner) -

- Transformational Questions: From Who to What (Fran Fisher) -

- 360 Thinking: A New Model for Executive Function Skills (Kristen Jacobsen & Sarah Ward) -

- Hi-Tech & Low-Tech Solutions for Supercharging Your Productivity (Eric Tivers) -

- Moving from Pathology to Possibility: Coaching Adults with ADHD (David Giwerc) -

- Using a Wellness Model to Bridge the Mind-Body Gap (Alan Graham & Naomi Zomont) -

- Thinking About Thinking: Improve Motivation, Self-Regulation Using Metacognition (Wright & Rosier) -

- ADHD: It's Like Winning the Lottery (Peter Shankman) -

- Destination Mindfulness: Research on Mindful Awareness Practices for ADHD (Kinder & Dixon) -

- Coaching and ADHD Medications: A Prescription for Success (Laurie Dupar) -

- Helping ADHD Clients Manage Sleep Challenges (Barbara Luther) -

- Coaching to Resilience for Organizational Well-Being (Mary Elizabeth Lynch) -

- Executive Coaching Through a Cross-Cultural Lens (Blackwelder) -

- Coaching and The Art of Asking Beautiful Questions (Warren Berger) -

- Reinventing the Coaching Relationship (Dave Buck) -

- Coaching and the Art of Storytelling (Bloom) -

- Exploring the Nonverbal Dimension of Conversations (Courtney Schwarten) -

- Reigniting Your Passion for Coaching (Richard Chang) -

- Thinking Through Adult ADHD: The Role of Thoughts, Beliefs, and Mindsets (Russell Ramsey) -

- Practical Applications of Neuroplasticity Principles: The Nine Essentials for Motor and Cognitive Breakthroughs for the Adults and Child with ADD/ADHD (Anat Baniel) -

- Self-Determination Theory: A Valuable Approach for Coaches (Bashian and Tuttle) -

- Comparing ADHD Coaching and CBT for Adult ADHD (Ramsay and Giwerc) -

- The Power of Research to Transform Coaching (Dixon, Fouche, and Toney) -

- Coaching Students and Parents (Jo Ann Skinner and Jodi Sleeper-Triplett) -

- ADHD and Teenagers: How to Protect the Fragile Ego (Evan Kirstein) -

- Supporting ADHD for the Whole Child (Deanna Hyslop and Mary Miele) -

- Six Essential Steps to Career Development Coaching (Lynn Miner-Rosen) -

- The Science of Attention (Robert Biswas-Diener) -

- The Emerging Science of Character (Pam Boney, Janet Harvey & Neerja Bhatia)

- Clean Language Metaphor Coaching (Gina Campbell & Diana Thomas) -

- Career Coaching: An Individual and Organizational Approach (Stephanie Licata) -

- Coaching the Uncoachable (Robert Hogan) -

- Resilience Coaching (Carole Pemberton) -

- Helping Clients Turn Common Sense into Common Practice (John  Stahl-Wert) -

- Improvisation for Coaches (Carrie Spaulding) -

- Executive Coaching Through the Eyes and Ears of the Client (Helene Seiler) -

- Coaching Balance: Using the EQ-i to Boost Performance (OKA) -

My Professional Memberships

- International Coach Federation (ICF) -

- ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) -

- American Psychological Association (APA) -

- Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology (SIOP) -

- Project Management Institute (PMI) -

- Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) -

- Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) -

- Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) -

- American  Professional Society of ADHD and Related Disorders (APSARD) -

- Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) -


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