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About Coaching:

Common Coaching Questions

What is the goal of coaching?

Whether you are interested in career coaching, ADHD coaching, leadership coaching, or life coaching, the goal of coaching is to increase your momentum and actions toward constructing the life you want to live. Through working with Caryn, you can accomplish all of these things:

  • Pinpoint, develop, and track movement toward your personal and professional goals

  • Identify any obstacles (both internal and external) that stand in your way of you reaching your goals, and strategize on how to clear those obstacles

  • Think about yourself and your life in a unique and deeper way through the coach's use of powerful questions

  • Use facilitated reflection to carefully consider opportunities and decisions that you face and to arrive at the best outcome for you

  • Recognize negative self-talk and mitigate your inner critic--the part of you that holds you back or makes you question your abilities or others' perceptions of you

  • Identify and personify your inner leader--the part of you that drives you and sustains your momentum toward achieving your goals

  • Explore your feelings, from excitement to hesitancy, without judgement and with a strong champion and professional partner at your side

Does coaching really work?

Yes, coaching really works! Numerous scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles and various research studies have found that coaching works to improve clients' lives in a variety of ways. Theeboom, Beersma & van Vianen found in their study that, in a significant way, coaching positively affected five categories of client growth, including performance and skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes, and goal-directed self-regulation. Paul Kearns found that coaching delivers a return on investment of up to 200% in one year, with 97.2% of coaching clients being very satisfied with the coaching process. Grant, Curtayne & Burton found that coaching significantly increased clients' resilience, confidence, personal insight, and well-being; enhanced goal attainment; built management skills;  helped clients deal with organizational change; and reduced client depression and stress.  Gyllensten & Palmer found that coaching can decrease stress and anxiety. Duijts, Kant, van den Brandt & Swaen found that coaching significantly improved psychosocial health, increased client satisfaction with life, and reduced psychological distress, burnout, and time for illness recovery.

What can I expect from the coaching relationship?

The coaching relationship is a very special one, built on trust and on a desire to help you reach your goals. You, the client, are in charge of setting the agenda for what you want to get out of the coaching relationship as a whole and within each coaching session. You get to define your goals, where you want to go with your goals, and the prioritization of your goals.

Caryn is an experienced, passionate, well-rounded, professional coach who is not afraid to ask the powerful questions, champion you in reaching your goals, and leverage humor when appropriate to make the coaching both fun and productive. You will see your goals from a new perspective and develop a fresh way to approach making your goals into your reality.



Where will coaching occur?

For clients who are local the Northern Virginia area, coaching with Caryn can be conducted in person at Caryn's office in Reston, VA or at another mutually acceptable location. For clients who are not local to the Northern Virginia area, Caryn also conducts coaching sessions over the phone or via a video chat mechanism (like Facetime, Skype, or Google Hangouts). Local clients can also choose to meet "virtually" to avoid spending time commuting in the snarled traffic of the Washington, DC area. Coaching works very well via these virtual mechanisms from anywhere in the world, so it allows for the coach and client to work together effectively regardless of their home or work locations.

Why should I work with a certified coach?

Professional coach training is very important for a coach to learn the skills and competencies necessary to professionally, effectively, and ethically contribute to their clients' successes. In the aspects of training time and professional commitment required, completing an accredited coach training program is the equivalent to earning a Master's degree. In addition to graduating from an accredited coaching program, professional coaches should also earn a professional  coaching certification from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world-wide certifying body for coaches. By selecting a highly educated and professionally certified coach, you can rest assured that your coach is both experienced and well-equipped to support you so that you can get maximum value from the coaching relationship.

Caryn is a graduate of  the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the most established, rigorous, and well-regarded accredited coach training programs in the world. She has also completed numerous other coach training courses and participated in advanced coaching events, including as an expert speaker and facilitator for professional coaching conferences. Caryn has also earned her Professional Certified Coach certification through the International Coach Federation, which requires a minimum of 500 hours of direct client coaching and more than 200 hours of formal coach training. You can rest assured that Caryn has the experience, professionalism, and passion to work with you closely during your journey to constructing the life you want to live.

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